Animal welfare is not just about animals. It is about us. Our living conditions, our children, our earth. Cruelty to animals has a significant and irreversible impact on human health, economy, and environment.

People for Animals, also known as PFA, is India's largest animal welfare organization with a nationwide network of 26 hospitals, 165 units, 60 mobile units, and 2.5 Lakh members. We work to rescue and rehabilitate sick and needy animals. We set up and run shelters, ambulance services, sterilization programs, treatment camps and disaster rescue missions for animals. We conduct education programs in schools, fight cases in court, and lobby on animal issues in parliament.

PFA aims to set-up an animal welfare center in each of the nation's 600 districts.

Objectives and Strategy

  • Create Infrastructure -
  • Upgrade and establish more facilities for animal rescue and rehabilitation such as shelters, ambulances, mobile clinics, and helplines.
  • Influence Policy -
  • Act as a pressure group to bring about environmental and animal-friendly legislation.
  • Ensure Implementation -
  • Take direct action through units to protect animals and punish offenders.
  • Educate and Sensitize -
  • Conduct a school contact program. Introduce online poke.
  • Animal welfare either as a school or extracurricular activity.
  • Produce and promote media programs on animal-related issues.
  • Conduct training programs for lawyers, police officers, vets, and animal owners.
  • Produce books and expert guides on animal care and related issues.
  • Partner with influential community leaders and opinion-makers.
  • Advance the Movement -
  • Liaise with national and international animal welfare groups.
  • Provide support, financial or otherwise, to deserving animal welfare initiatives.
  • Provide career opportunities in animal welfare.
  • Promote Vegetarianism -
  • Educate on health, environment, and economic costs of animal-based choices.
  • Source and promote animal-free alternatives.
  • Enrol celebrity spokespersons to popularize cruelty-free choices.
  • Achieve Financial Stability -
  • Diversify fund-raising from event-based strategies to other avenues.
  • Forge strategic corporate partnerships.
  • To help PFA achieve some of its objectives, please call our Head Office at 011 23357088/23355883

People For Animals (PFA)

People For Animals (PFA) is a Non-Governmental Organization that works all over India with the help of likeminded people. These people make Units / Hospitals, register it independently, and run it on their own.

Those who are Banned / Cancelled / Closed and just PFA Members cannot use PFA’s name. However, they can run an organization independently.

People For Animals (PFA) doesn’t receive any grants from the Government. The organization is totally dependent on Donations, Sponsorships, and In-Kind Donations.

All the treatments in the hospitals are Free of Cost for strays but other services like Ambulance, Lab Services (Blood Test, X-Ray, etc. are payable).

In case of emergencies, DO NOT wait for an ambulance, please take the animal to a nearby animal hospital or a Vet.

When you see an animal in distress and cannot stay, take contact numbers of nearby people who can stay there until an ambulance or any other help arrives.

Compassion without Action is EVIL.

For PFA’s registered Units / Hospitals, please go through this link :

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