Animal welfare is not just about animals. It is about us. Our living conditions, our children, our earth. Cruelty to animals has a significant and irreversible impact on human health, economy and environment. Join PFA in this movement and save Mother nature

  • Rs.500
  • Student Membership + PFA Wrist band
  • Rs.1,000
  • Silver membership + PFA T-Shirt + Wrist band
  • Rs.2,500
  • Golden Membership + PFA T-Shirt + First Aid For Animals Book
  • Rs.5,000
  • Platinum membership + T-shirt + Wrist band + First Aid for Animals + Heads & Tails + Tax exemption Cert. 80G
  • Rs.10,000
  • Life membership + T-shirt + Wrist band + Tax exemption Cert. 80G + Set of 8 books.

"Except Life Time Membership all the other memberships are only valid for One Year. Please renew it every year"

Membership Cards and Kit will reach to the members in 20-25 days.

All Categories of Memberships are considered to be active working members of People For Animals. They can be contacted in case of any help required for animal welfare.

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