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When you no longer need your money, use it to help animals. By including a bequest to the People For Animals (PFA) now, you will help secure lts services for animals in the future. We may come and we may go but we can ensure that PFA will always be there for animals in need. Use your Will to give animals a new lease of lile. To commemorate your generosity, PFA would be happy to name a facility after you so that your concern for animals lives on forever. PFA also helps you in understanding the process

How to Make a Will

First of all congratulations for taking such a great leap in changing the lives of hundreds of homeless. You simply need to begin by making a list of things you wish to donate in form of a will such as your property, assets, vehicles, cash etc.

  • You may take the help of a solicitor and in presence of witnesses, you must sign the will you've written. The will must also be signed by the witnesses.
  • The original copy of the will can be kept in your Solicitor custody.
  • This is not a legal advice or shall not be used for legal purposes.
  • To know further. how to change your will in case of marriage, remarriage etc. feel free to contact us.
  • You may also suggest how your will should be used and for what purposes.
  • To request further information on legacies, please contact us at pfaindia.org@gmall.com or on +91 - 11 - 23357088, 23359241

Contact Details

Contact Details

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