Thanks for the efforts of banning dog fights in Punjab.

Thanks for the efforts of banning dog fights in Punjab. But unless there should be proper BAN on breeding it won't get successful. 

The PIL which was in high court against the illegal cattle truck

PIL NAME- Saurabh and Gaurav gupta vs Union of India


The PIL which was in high court against the illegal cattle truck in which cattles were overloaded and inhumanly loaded and were taken to slaughterhouses.
Today we won the PIL and court accepted all our demands and ordered delhi police strictly that no truck will enter delhi overloaded and without legal papers and veterinary doctors papers and if caught then police has to take proper action but first animals will be sent to a shelter for treatment and all the paper work will be done afterwards..
If police fails to do the same them it will be counted as contempt of High court Order. The judgement is given by cheif justice of Delhi high court.
We thank the Chief justice of Delhi for helping animals and this was the biggest PIL regarding animals and its our victory against butchers and smugglers.

MCD razes Shelter

MCD razes Shelter of  woman who took care of 100 Strays.

A world in which animals are held hostage

"A world in which animals are held hostage. No medical help, no refuge, no shelters, no police to stop their poaching. Can you help provide something for them ?"

SHOCKING! TV actress Shruti Ulfat arrested for posting live video of a cobra.

Jama Raja fame Shruti Ulfat landed her self in trouble by posting a live video of mishandling cobra, snake. Yes. The actress has been arrested by Thane forest department for posting a live video of cobra on Instagram. The time she posted the video, she was shooting for her TV Series Nagarjuna- Ek Yoddha based on the mythical Naaglok which is a part of Hindu puranas and epics like Mahabharata.
Sunish Kunju of PAWS immediately raised this issue to the forest department for forensic investigation. Apart form Shruti three other members from her production team, Nitin Solanki, Utkarsh Bali and Pearl Puri were arrested and booked under the violation of sections wildlife act 1972 -Sections 9, 39, 48a, 51.
The complainant revealed how the production team kept misleading the forest department just to hide the fact that they had shot with a real snake. He said, “If such acts are performed by television personalities it will only promote capturing snakes and making such videos. We also want the forest department to arrest the main culprit who provided the snake as it was not only extremely risky for people but also traumatising for the snake.”

Are you Unknowingly Making Your Dog Sick?

Your Home Can Be Dangerous To Your Pets

Approximately a million people are poisoned by pesticides annually. But it’s not just humans who are at risk — pets in India can also be harmed by pesticides, as well as many other household chemicals, in seconds. Pets are at an increased risk of getting poisoned because they’re closer to the ground, where carpets and other items that contain toxins can hurt them. Here are some common household chemicals to keep out of reach of your curious pets.

Store Cleaning Products In Rooms Your Pets Don't Enter

Cleaning products commonly contain ingredients such as bleach, chlorine, and ammonia that can cause a variety of health problems in your pets, such as anemia, cancer, and kidney issues. The scariest thing is that such products emit vapors that can still harm your pets even if they don’t consume the products. That’s why they’ve got to be out of reach and locked up somewhere your pet never goes, such as in a locked storage room.

Keep Garbage Off The Ground

Garbage in the streets in India can be a health risk to people and animals alike, spreading diseases such as malaria. Your garbage may smell foul to you, but to your dog it could be a tasty snack. Inside garbage bags, there are many potential hazards to your pets besides rotten food; this includes items such as toxic batteries, and broken glass. On waste collection days, make sure your garbage bins are closed and any garbage in plastics is kept in high places so that dogs and cats can’t get to them.

Car Chemicals Can Kill Your Dog

You might not think of your car’s antifreeze as being something that would attract your pets, but it smells sweet to dogs, thanks to its ethylene glycerol ingredient. There have been many news articles about antifreeze killing people’s dogs and cats, which is due to how it irreversibly damages their kidneys. According to research conducted in India, ethylene glycerol has also been linked to hyperglycemia in pets, which is extremely high blood glucose levels that can cause many health problems, such as tissue damage and liver enlargement

Don't Forget About Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a substance found in many household cleaning products and furniture in your home. It’s toxic and has been linked to cancer in animals. Research published in the Indian Journal of Community Medicine shows that in developing countries, health effects of indoor air pollution outweigh those of outdoor air pollution.
Protect your pets against formaldehyde by placing new furniture and carpets outside for a few hours to decrease their formaldehyde emissions. Choose materials such as solid wood, metal, wool, and stainless steel when furnishing your home, as these are less likely to contain formaldehyde. It's also a good idea to keep throws over furniture, such as chairs and couches, to prevent pets from sitting on them or even chewing them.

Scarily, formaldehyde can be found in shampoos for humans and pets, so avoid anything that contains the following ingredients: Quaternium-15, Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, Diazolidinyl urea, DMDM hydantoin, and Imidazolidinyl.
You might not think to protect your pets from dangers when they’re at home, but there are many household chemicals and toxins that can harm, or even kill, them. Keep chemicals out of reach and design your home with pet safety in mind to keep them healthy and extend their lifespan.

Khalapur 15 Dogs Updated

Khalapur 15 Dogs Updated


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