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PFA Bangalore Snake workshop held at PFA Bangalore

An international workshop on Snakes - 'Serpentia' was held on 20th and 21st July, at the premises of PFA wildlife hospital & rescue center in Kengeri, Bangalore. The 2 day workshop was attended by veterinarians from various parts of the country, including Venom Research Center in Chittagong Medical College, Bangladesh. The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Narayan Bhatt, Dean of Bangalore Veterinary College, along with Dr. Murlidhara, Director of wildlife science, Bangalore.

The inaugural function began with felicitation of the dignitaries by the Chief Veterinarian of PFA, Colonel Dr. Nawaz Shariff which was then followed by the introductory speeches. Dr. Narayan Bhatt recalled how difficult it was for the veterinary students to pursue wildlife research in the past and congratulated PFA on this initiative. Dr. Muralidhara, Director of wildlife science in Bangalore, remarked that the workshop can be a platform for the veterinarians to procure more understanding in Serpentology.

The workshop commenced with the lecture on anatomy of snakes by the senior veterinarian of PFA, Dr. Karthik. He also gave a lecture on identification of the ‘Big Four’ - the four most common venomous snakes found in India. The afternoon session of the workshop’s first day dealt with the Splanchnology of snakes where internal organs of snake were scrutinized. The Chief Veterinarian Colonel Dr. Navaz educated the participants on the benefits of physiolaser on injured wildlife especially on the spinal fractures found in snakes.

On Sunday, various topics like snakes’ behavior, feeding, restraint, sexing and housing, and snake bite management were demonstrated by the expert veterinarians of PFA. Common cases encountered by the wildlife hospital were also discussed during the afternoon session. Practicing of a unique methodology of using the traditional Chinese veterinary medicine of Acupuncture to treat the spinal injuries on snakes was explained by the Chief Veterinarian of PFA. This therapy is not being practiced anywhere else in the world.

The snake workshop marks a remarkable milestone in the Serpentology field of India. The participants commented that the workshop was of immense help in learning the innovative techniques in treatment of snakes, especially the beneficial utility of Acupuncture. They hoped that this kind of workshops are held every year.

*Proper wildlife rehabilitation is an extremely biologically and ecologically responsible attitude toward all living things.*