Why get an Alsatian, Doberman, Poodle or Pomeranian when you can have them all!

  • Get everything you are looking for in the all-in-one Indian Dog.
  • Our Indian Dog have the intelligence of an Alsatian, the tenacity of a Terrier, the loyalty of a Labrador and the speed of a Greyhound.
  • If one person in 50 were to give an Indian Dog a home, there would be no strays left in India.

Adopt a homeless pup off the street itself or contact Mr. Kanishka Sharma (Head Volunteer) at 9818887373 to adopt a rescued, orphan desi pup that is under PFA’s care!


In a one-of-a-kind initiative, People For Animals and Select Citywalk Mall, (Saket) collaborated to uplift the concept of “Be Indian, Adopt Indian” – to promote this viewpoint, in December (2008) the Puppy Stall was instituted at Select Citywalk Mall, (Saket, New Delhi) with a singular objective to create acceptance and adoption opportunities for desi, non-pedigree pups!

  • Unfailingly, every weekend (Saturday & Sunday ONLY), between 2:30 PM till 6:30 PM –– our volunteers strive to rehabilitate these rescued pups! The stall is steered by PFA’s volunteer cadre, mostly school going kids, who during the weekdays foster the rescued pups and over the weekend endeavor to get them adopted through the Stall.
  • In the last 9 years, we’ve redeemed scores of tiny furry souls by finding them loving households!.
  • If You (or anyone you happen to know) is looking for a dog, a forever companion, a source of unconditional love then adopting one is the right and righteous approach! – Because buying a dog will only sponsor the villainy of a cruel breeder who commodifies wombs for his profit!.
  • We urge you to read on, in order to compare and contrast the sheer variance between BUYING A PUP vs. ADOPTING A PUP.
  • Children learn values, including the value of life, from the example their parents set. Children generalize. Lessons learned about animal life will influence their attitudes toward human life on some level.
  • How much is that doggie in the window? (The enticement of a Pet Shop) Few children can walk past a pet store window without crying out, "Mommy, can we get a puppy?" Even the most determined parent can be lured in by the fluffy ball of fur staring hopefully back through the glass. But what are you teaching your child by buying a puppy from a pet store or a breeder? Here are a few possibilities:
  • “BUYING” a pup will lead your child to believe –
  • 1. That life is a commodity to be created, extinguished, bought, sold or traded for profit.

    2. That like all commodities, life has a finite rupee value.

    3. That the value of life is determined by looks and pedigree, not what's inside.

    4. That life is replaceable. If it is lost, you can always buy another.

    5. That love and devotion don't have to be earned; they can be bought.

  • In contrast, “ADOPTING” from a Rescue Shelter will enrich your child's conscience –
  • Parents can teach their children an entirely different set of values by adopting a pet from a shelter or a rescue group. Adopting a dog instead of buying a dog for your children reinforces the value of life. It teaches them:
  • 1. That all living beings are worth saving.

    2. That taking responsibility for a living being is a lifetime commitment.

    3. That the value of a living being is not determined by looks or registration papers.

    4. That there are second chances in life.

    5. That love and devotion don't come with a price tag.

  • THEREBY, To Adopt a Pup or to Foster One – also if you are looking To Volunteer, kindly WhatsApp at 9818887373 or email at: and we’d be delighted to assist you!
  • A few years back, actor Rahul Dev who is both a vegetarian and a strong animal rights supporter visited the stall to encourage people to open their hearts and homes to Indian dogs.

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