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Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

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Vellore medical students brutally kill monkey: Maneka Gandhi backs fight for justice

Minister of State for Women and Child Development, Maneka Gandhi, a fervent campaigner for animal rights has added heft to the demand of animal rights activists in Tamil Nadu for justice for Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the name given by activists to a year-old female monkey who was found partially burnt and buried in the campus of the Christian Medical College in Vellore, near Chennai on 21 November. Prima facie, the body showed signs of horrific torture and abuse – the monkey’s limbs were tied, a telephone cord around her neck, multiple fractures on her body and a stick shoved up her rectum and forced out front.

In an exclusive interaction via email with Firstpost, Gandhi said – "Putting a rod into the rectum and pushing it so that it goes through every organ is not rape but murder. The monkey was tortured terribly in full view of bystanders for hours and then killed by a group of louts that are studying to be doctors. What kind of medicine will they practice on humans? Nowadays, anyone with money can get into a medical college and I fear for the lives of their patients. These kinds of butchers should be immediately removed from the college and put into jail."

This Vet Is Putting Amputee Animals Back on Their Feet with Prosthetic Limbs. Free of Cost!

Dr. Tapesh Mathur, a veterinarian who serves at the Rural Veterinary Polyclinic in Jaipur, used to see numerous cases of amputation in animals. Most of these animals, especially cows, would lose their limbs in vehicle accidents. Dr. Tapesh performed surgeries and allowed the animals to be taken back by their owners. But he was always wary about the future of these animals. “They could not walk or lead normal lives. Their owners wouldn’t have the means to take care of invalid animals. This thought disturbed me for many years and I wished to do something for the animals. That is how I started researching the subject of prosthetics for animals,” says Dr. Tapesh.

A small room in Dr. Tapesh’s home became his workshop. He researched how prosthetics are made for humans and how they can be made for animals.

Learning Medicine from Maneka Gandhi

Not many moons ago Maneka Gandhi wrote an article (which was published in her regular page "Write to Live", in "The Island" of October 3 entitled "Fish oil ruins your heart") where she said there is no evidence to say that fish oil protects the heart. In fact, she went a step further, and said it could be harmful to the heart.

Gandhi, citing clinical trials on omega-3-fatty acids points that while omega-3s can in laboratory settings (in-vitro) increase blood flow, reduce blood pressure and give neurons structural strength, these properties don’t translate into any benefits in the human body (in-vivo). She went on to say that a review in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), involving almost 70,000 people, found no compelling evidence linking fish oil supplements to a lower risk of heart attack , stroke or early death.

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