Sonali Purewal is the most important pioneer for animal welfare in Himachal Pradesh

Sonali Purewal is the most important pioneer for animal welfare in Himachal Pradesh. She has won path breaking cases and runs an animal rescue centre in Kasauli. She is also a well nown designer and exporter of products

This is what she says about herself.

"I studied English literature and got into design by chance. Loved it and that is what I do now. My husband and I live between Delhi and Kasauli I started PFA Kasauli in 2002 , with a tiny tiny shelter close to Kasauli. Our first rescue was a pup called " Sarkar" that i found wandering close to my house The good karma shelter in kasauli is a rescue home we run for all stray, abandoned and injured animals. The shelter is currently on our family farm with any animal that needs help. We house between 60-100 animals at any time. There are a mix of dogs, sheep, goats, cows, bulls, donkeys, horses, sometimes even chicken and monkeys! The shelter runs on a strict zero kennel, zero kill policy. We don't have kennels, all the animals are free to roam the premises. Very rarely do we tie or cage animals... Only in cases when they are dangerous to others or if they have a condition that may be contagious. Puppies are often seen napping with the cattle. And we have a goat that bullies the dogs and eats all their treats.. He's quite the alpha male!! The shelter runs primarily on funding I raise through my design work. We do have some local support which is appreciated. The animal husbandry department has an excellent team of vets that volunteer with us, and we often use their surgeons for ABC camps and all animal aid. All recuperation programs post govt ABC camps are done at our shelter too, and all the dogs are inoculated with anti rabies, parvo and carona vaccines. Policy change is something I feel very strongly about and there is a need to make a difference. Himachal has several areas that are governed with superstitious beliefs.. A lot of this unfortunately is animal related. The need to ban the horrific practice of animal sacrifice was much required. Winning this was a struggle, it took us 3 years but we got a great judgement at the end of it. We got a lot of support from temple karyakartas some of them have testified to the cruelty of animal sacrifice that happens in temples big and small in Himachal. And I have a super lawyer who is a true animal lover. Education is a must. The way forward is to educate our children. We need to have the school books tell them about the new laws and the evil of practices that are barbaric. I do want to meet the education minister and have them adapt the new law in the text books. This change in attitude will take time, but it is a step in the right direction. Our newest victory is the ban on bull fights, another archaic tradition of Himachal. Winning this was easy after the Supreme court Jjallikatu ban. We have sent letters with the judgement copy to all DCs and SPs to have the ban on animal fights implemented in all districts immediately. Bull fighting is very big in melas of Arki and Shimla. We are facing some resistance from these organisers, but with the ban I am quite certain they will need to stop. Another great victory was banning monkey culling in HP. Do you know that the government had suggested that monkeys from india should be exported to china for meat? There is no one from the environment dept or the wildlife dept that looks into these concerns scientifically. We need scientists, educationists, experts giving their opinions. These government departments are lacking in any reasonable expertise on animal welfare.. My family has always been hugely supportive. But , to be honest, I really don't give them a choice. Its my karma. I will be fighting many more causes in the coming year and making some serious policy changes."

Sonali Purewal

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