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People For Animals (PFA) is India’s largest animal welfare organization, working day and night on ground level with the help of volunteers.

PR person required

PFA is in dire need of an PR person so that more and more people come forward to join this noble cause.


  • Handling Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Meeting CSR Companies and sending our proposals to opt them.
  • Writing to Embassies
  • Sending proposals to big philanthropic institutions (outside India)
  • Sending regular Newsletters
  • Keeping all the donors informed about activities done by PFA
  • Different exhibitions to be organized
  • Organizing small and big fundraisers
  • Encouraging corporates for advertisements on PFA website
  • Informing media about PFA’s activities
  • Getting sponsorships for fundraisers
  • Develop and carry our fundraising strategies
  • Identify and contact potential donors
  • Applying for foreign and Indian grants

Cruelty response coordinator required

PFA is in dire need of a person who can handle cruelty complaints that we receive everyday at the office.

Dealing with RWA's harassing animal feeders and Pet owners

Coordinating rescues of animals in distress all over India

Arranging treatments for the animals that cannot be transported to hospitals

PFA needs enthusiastic people to handle all these things. Should be good in Hindi and English (speaking and writing both)

Should be at least Graduate, computer savvy and should be an animal person.

Enthusiastic people can send their resumes at gandhim@nic.in

Work place: HQ: People For Animals, 14 Ashoka Road, Jantar Mantar Road, New Delhi 1100 01 (Opposite Royal Plaza Hotel)

Nearest Metro Station: Patel Chowk

Days and Timings: Monday – Friday, 10am to 05pm

Are you a vet, a paravet ,an intern or a student studying veterinary medicine in Europe, UK or USA? Are you a vet , a paravet ,an intern or a student studying veterinary medicine in Europe, UK or USA ? Are you thinking of helping the animals of other countries ? Come and work as a volunteer if you are a student and as a paid veterinarian if you are a paravet or a qualified doctor. You will get the chance to work in Delhi in the largest animal hospital/shelter in the country Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre . You will be treating hundreds of animals ranging from camels and horses to white mice with monkeys , donkeys, sheep, goats ,dogs,cats,chicken,birds and everything else ! You will see the strangest situations and the most abused animals. You will get the chance to teach Indian vets/paravets and bring about reforms and learn from them.

Your boarding and food is free for as long as you are here.

Are you upto it ?. If so , let Mrs Maneka Sanjay Gandhi know at gandhim@nic.in and she will discuss it with you. Look at the shelter site www.sanjaygandhianimalcarecentre.org

Post opened for Senior and Junior veterinary doctors in SGACC

Please contact Ms Ambika Shukla 9810054077 and mail CV to gandhim@nic.in

Wanted NOW: Clever, enthusiastic people to help Mrs. Maneka Gandhi with a fundraiser for 3 months. Person should be good with computers and on the phone. 5 days a week from 10-5. Can work on salary or percentage. Contact now!

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