PFA Thrissur.

    PFA Faridabad rescues a blind dog that fell into an 80 ft underground tank.

    Watch "....है इंसान हम ? .

    PFA Bareilly is taking care of an accidental calf. Its legs are broken.

    PFA Smabhal rescued/tretaed an accidental a dog.

    PFA Bareilly exposing the rescued animals to sun light to save them from harsh cold weather.

    PFA Bareilly report of rescued animals.

    PFA Bareilly rescued report.

    PFA Raipur rescued a puppy whose nose has been eaten by maggots.

    PFA Cuttack rescued a dog.

    PFA Hoshiarpur rescued a spectacled cobra from a house.

    PFA Bareilly short Video of the Cow in Well Rescue.

    PFA Student Wing Bhubaneshwar report of rescued a dog.

    PFA Hoshiarpur report of A Checkered Keelback Snake was rescued from a School.

    PFA Jagatsinghpur team team released a Stray dog suffocating for thee days inside the jar at Jayabada behind Jagatsinghpur Municipality office.

    PFA Wardha documentary clip made by our foreign volunteer.

    PFA Coimbtore Rescued Report.

    PFA Sambhal rescue report.

    PFA Indore Rescued small pups from bus.

    PFA Indore rescued 94 male buffaloes calves from slaughter house regarding illegal slaughtering.

    PFA Ghaziabad II report of March 2018.

    PFA Raipur rescued fishes sold in bowls.

    PFA Coimbtore unit II report.

    PFA Wardha rescued a bull,fallen in a well

    PFA Lucknow activities Video.

    PFA Indore rescued a blind cow from 110 Feet deep well . Now She is recovering.

    PFA Ghaziabad II rescued some animals.

    PFA Faridabad rescued a dog who had fallen into a well.

    PFA Delhi report of rescues and treatment some animals and birds.The FIR has been registered in ‘SAMAYPUR BADLI’ Police Station

    PFA Wardha a eight month leopard cub was rescued by People For Animals and Forest Department Wardha"

    PFA Indore rescue a dog from well

    People for Animals Indore Squirrel trapped in glue rescued , medication done and released.

    PFA Bareilly rescue a cow video.

    Diwali celebration at "DIVYANG" shelter for animals,PFA Ahmadabad. Zhundal

    This is a rescue of a bull from a well.

    PFA Wardha rescue of 25 quails.

    PFA Faridabad news video.

    PFA Faridabad news video.

    PFA Barelly video rescue of the dog

    Butchers and Illegal Transporters of Cows in Virudhnagar, Tamilnadu protest against Maneka Sanjay Gandhi and Sunitha Christy for hindering their trade

    PFA Pet Cemetery in Bangalore

    A video dedicated to animal welfare

    People for Animals, New Delhi - July 2015

    Brutality of Docking Dog's Tail

    Poor condition of Gaushalas

    Save the life of birds



    Adulteration of Milk in India

    Title Adulteration of Ghee

    Benefits of having Pet



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