As part of our continued efforts to provide a better world for the animals around us, PFA Campus is an initiative to bring together college students and faculty with one common goal of animal care. We believe that young minds together can create a comfortable, humane and healthy environment for the animals around their colleges.

Our main focus is on animal health care, sterilization and spreading awareness in the society, with the help of college students

The idea is to create an animal care society in colleges/universities, just as your dance, music and arts societies. The animal care society will be recognised as a PFA Campus society.

The PFA Campus society will also be recognised by Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi and the team members will be awarded volunteer certificates. The PFA Campus team will be responsible to build an animal care unit for the animals in and around the campus.

  • Create a Core Team with a common platform to communicate.
  • Connect with Anushka, PFA Campus Head via email - anushkapfacampus@gmail. com
  • Once your registration is completed, then 1 or 2 core team members will be added to PFA Campus Whatsapp group
  • After collaboration with PFA, society members will get PFA Campus cards* ₹50 per card.
  • With the assistance of your faculty, create a society recognized by College/University
  • Approach a college faculty member/supervisor.
  • Through discussions with PFA, establish rules in accordance with animal welfare
  • Divide the team into different sectors; Social Media, Fundraise, Feeding, Medical Assistance, PR, Education
  • Create social media accounts
  • Research and create a database of animal care services around college location. Gather information of nearest shelters, veterinary, animal hospitals, pet shops
  • Create a database of the animals in the campus. Organize the data according to animal species. (dogs/cats/birds etc)
  • Check if they are all sterilised? If not, then find the nearest animal hospital/ animal care centre and schedule sterilisation of the animals
  • Schedule webinars/seminars for the students with assistance of PFA
  • Build a strong community base of rescuers, adopters and animal rights activists through social media and networking
  • Conduct creative fundraising events, adoption appeals and create awareness
  • Collaborate with other societies in college (eg photography, dramatics) to reach out to more people

Fund Raise
Every team member will have a monthly target of funds to raise, key channels to raise funds are through social media, networking and word of mouth.

Donation In Kind
Every team member will have a monthly target to get donations in kind (food, medicines, clothing, animal beds etc).

Assist Nearby Cases
Keep an active check on all the nearby animals. In case they need medical help, use the database to find the appropriate help for the animal. Also coordinate with the reporter for the same.

Reach out for Adoptions
Build strong social media accounts and networking skills and use them to inform the right people about adoptions and fosters.

Spread Awareness
Plan creative, fun and engaging events to spread awareness within the college students.